Introduction to cPanel

Your Web hosting account on Coventry.Domains is managed through a control panel interface called cPanel. cPanel is an industry-standard tool for managing web hosting. Each time you login to your Coventry.Domains account you will be directed to your cPanel dashboard.

Through your cPanel dashboard you can do all kinds of things with your web space including the following:

  • Install Web applications
  • Create email accounts
  • View and manage files in your space
  • Create subdomains
  • Create and configure FTP accounts
  • Review access logs for your site
  • Manually manage and configure databases

Your cPanel dashboard is divided into sections, making it easy to locate the different tools and services available to you. These sections can be minimized and drag-and-dropped into whichever order you wish them to appear. If you only every want to see a couple of sections that you regularly use each time you login you can drag-and-drop these sections to the top of your dashboard and minimize the other sections that you are less likely to use on a regular basis.

Many of the tutorials on this site walk you through particular tasks in cPanel, but we encourage you to explore on your own, as well.

If you ever get lost in your cPanel, you can click the ‘home’ button which will take you back to your main dashboard area (see image below).

Illustration showing the home button in cPanel, indicated by a red box and arrow.