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Students are submitting assignments, creating portfolios and gaining digital skills with Coventry.Domains

Coventry.Domains gives students and educators the opportunitiy to create and assess work in a new way - aimed at preparation for life and work in a global, digital world.

It’s available for free to all Coventry University Group staff and students.
“Coventry.Domains has been a USP of my MSc Enterprise and Innovation course: it plays an integral role in the students’ enterprise upskilling.”

Lara Bellini

Senior Lecturer - Enterprise and Innovation MA Programme


Percentage of jobs that will require digitial skills within the next 15-20 years
Source: UK Skills Funding Agency

Why put yourself online?

In a digital world, your online presense can show employers, colleagues and clients what you know and give them confidence in you. Publishing online doesn’t just develop your skills - it helps the world to believe in you.
Coventry.Domains for Students

Why teach with Coventry.Domains?

Showing students how to develop their professional portfolios and other web projects improves digital literacy, information literacy, peer learning, teamwork and other skills employers demand.
Coventry.Domains for Educators


The number of new WordPress sites being built every day. On average, 17 posts are published every second.
Source: Kinsta
“Having the opportunity to develop a Coventry.Domains site has provided me with a unique and creative platform to showcase my work throughout my degree whilst teaching me new and invaluable skills.”

Diya Chopra

BA English Student

Increased Engagement

Students who are asked to submit assignments to an open learning resource such as Wikipedia or a class or public blog often show increased levels of participation.

Portfolio Creation

Coventry.Domains can be used to create professional portfolios to evidence achievement throughout university and showcase knowlege and skills for employers and collaborators.

Skills Development

By creating something online, students and educators can develop 21st century skills including visual communication, writing for the web, and information and copyright literacy.

A Domain of One’s Own

Coventry.Domains began as a Domain’s of Own (DoOO) project.

Starting at the University of Mary Washington, the DoOO initiative is aimed at giving individuals control of their online presence and improving their digital citizenship. With the help of our partners at Reclaim Hosting, similar programmes are being run at universities around the world.

Watch how to easily create a professional portfolio website with Coventry.Domains WordPress

Coventry.Domains is great for creating simple websites, blogs, portfolios, and research project websites for staff and students. With the Coventry.Domains WordPress service, you can sign in with your university credentials and start right away.

In this video, Noah will build out an entire photography portfolio demo site in just 26 minutes.

Need more help?

We’ve put together a support section with information on registration, site creation, troubleshooting tips and more to help you if get stuck using Coventry.Domains.
Coventry.Domains Support