Own your space in a digital world

Coventry.Domains provides you with web hosting so that you can take ownership of your online presence, develop valuable digital skills and engage in open and connected learning practices that go beyond institutional boundaries.


Digital Fluency

Develop an understanding of the tools that make up the world wide web so that you can create your own space online.

Digital Identity

Curate and grow your presence online.
Make an online home to shape your digital identity and how others engage with your work.

Digital Freedom

Don't rely on third-party suppliers to manage your data and work online. Learn to take ownership and control with your own web hosting.

For Students

Create a professional online presence and learn how to be an informed digital citizen

  • Learn how to build your own website
  • Get free website hosting
  • Master key digital skills for the future
  • Explore and frame your digital identity
  • Keep control of your data and intellectual property
  • Upon completing your studies, find a web host and keep your content

For Educators

Create and publish learning resources on the open web. Build participative learning into your teaching to help students build their digital fluency and authentic communication skills. 

  • Boost web literacy
  • Prepare students for life in a hyperconnected world
  • Training and ongoing support provided

How do I get a domain?


Sign up

Head to the sign up page where we’ll ask for permission to store your email address. Once you’ve confirmed this, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked for your university sign in details.


Registration confirmation

If you’re eligible for an account, we’ll set up your domain and give you instructions for logging into your new web hosting account with Coventry.Domains


Start building!

Once your new account is ready, you’ll want to choose a subdomain and started on your first website. You can learn all about your new web hosting and how to get up and running by finding tips and tutorials at Coventry.Domains/Learn

Feeling stuck?

We've got you covered.


We understand that building websites is not a ready skillset most people have, so we’ve put together a comprehensive source of information to help get you started. Our knowledge base has help on everything you need from installing WordPress and building your first site, to help complete more advanced projects.