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Getting Consent for Cookies

Website cookies track visitors to your website and can be helpful for analysing behaviour or customising experiences on your site. However, people have a legal right to understand when you’re collecting their data. You can set this up on your site by adding a cookie consent banner.

How to create a cookie consent banner

You will have seen cookie consent banners on various website as you browse the internet. These popups tell you that cookies are running on the site and how they are used. They also ask you whether you consent to their use of cookies.

If your website uses cookies you will need to display a cookie consent banner to your users. This cookie notice will make users aware that you have cookies running on your website. This cookie notice should include a way for users to opt-in to the use of cookies and provide a hyperlink to your website’s privacy policy.

In WordPress, you will need to find a plugin that will allow you to create a cookie consent notice. This notice will need to remain visible to users until if or when they choose to give consent to the cookies running on your website.

To find out more information about cookies and cookie consent read the UK Information Commissioner’s Office guidance available online here.