Adding a New Domain Name

You may have bought your own domain name that you wish to map to your Coventry.Domains web hosting. This way you can build websites on a domain such as ‘’ rather than the subdomain that is given with your Coventry.Domains account.

Login to your account with the provider you purchased your domain name with and point the custom nameservers to the Coventry.Domains nameservers:


Once this is done successfully, login to your Coventry.Domains account and add the domain as an ‘Addon Domain’. After going through this process you will be able to start building a website on your domain by installing applications like WordPress like normal. Scroll down your cPanel dashboard to the section titled ‘Domains’ (see image below).

Type in your newly purchased domain in the ‘New Domain Name’ field. This will automatically populate the ‘Subdomain’ and ‘Document Root’ fields (see image below). Once you are done setting up your domain options, click the ‘Add Domain’ button. Be patient and wait a few seconds for your changes to process. And you are done!

To install a web application on this new domain, go through the normal steps you would go through to do this on your subdomain but this time click on the ‘Domain’ drop down in the Install setting page and select your new domain name.