Accounts and Passwords

This post outlines the types of accounts that you are likely to have associated with Coventry.Domains account and what they are for.

Your Coventry University Account

To sign up for a Coventry.Domains account you must have a Coventry University ID and password. After you have activated your Coventry.Domains account you will continue to use your Coventry University ID and password to access your account. Each time you login you will be directed to your cPanel dashboard.

Your cPanel Account

When you first sign up to Coventry.Domains and choose a subdomain name, a cPanel account will be generated which provides you with access to manage your web hosting space. Your cPanel account is automatically associated with your university ID. Therefore, your university ID and password will grant you access to your cPanel account. This means you will only need to remember your university email address and password to use Coventry.Domains.

Your Application Administrator Accounts

Every time you install a new application in cPanel, an administrator account for that application will be created. You will likely use these accounts very often but you will not need to remember the administrator account username and password for each application install. For WordPress installations you can automatically login to your administrator account by clicking the admin dashboard link in your list of applications. For any other application installs you cannot automatically log in through this link, but you can change your password at any time through changing your application install’s settings from Installatron within cPanel.

If you do not want to login to your cPanel account through your main Coventry.Domains login in order to access an individual website administrator account, you can instead go directly to the website’s dashboard login page.

Upon installation of any application, you will likely receive an email confirming the user id/password combination you chose for your administrator account. It will also have information about how to access the login page for that application. You may wish to make sure you don’t delete this message so you can refer back to it at a later date.

Depending on the application you’re working with, managing and resetting the password for this account will vary. If you’ve used Installatron (in cPanel) to install the application, however, you can always review the account credentials:

  • Login to cPanel through
  • Click the Installatron icon in the Software/Services section.
  • Find the application you installed under My Applications.
  • Click the Edit button (this looks like a blue wrench).
  • Scroll down to find the Administrator Username and Password.

In addition, most applications should have some kind of password reset link on the login page.

Other Types of Accounts

In addition to the three account types outlined above, there are a few other kinds of accounts you may have as part of Coventry.Domains:

  • Email: If you set up an email address for your domain, you will have an account associated with this.
  • FTP: If you set up FTP on your Coventry.Domains account, you will need to set up an account for this.
  • Application User Accounts: In addition to the administrator account that you set up when installing an application, most applications will also let you set up user accounts.