Understanding the technologies that make up the web

At Coventry University, through use of the Coventry.Domains service, students and staff are given a subdomain and access to free web hosting to build Web-based works.

The Learn resource frames the Coventry.Domains initiative as an opportunity to understand what the World Wide Web is, issues related to different experiences on the Web, and the expanded role of the Web in contemporary life.

Through a set of open guides, the Learn resource aims to support students and staff to critically engage with how websites and online services are made and operate, and how they might imagine their own space and activity on the open Web.

The resource moves beyond a linear progression of literacies to make one-off works for assessment purposes, and instead aims to build the confidence of both students and staff in using digital technologies and making on the Web.

This includes onboarding walkthroughs to guides on how the Web works, what it means to self-host a website, and ways to imagine and plan your own Web space.

By exposing the technologies that make up the Web and providing materials that outline strategies for working on the Web, learners can go beyond developing the literacy to complete a task for a defined purpose towards building the procedural knowledge to work and live in a hyperconnected world.

Image: Photo by Ludwig S on Unsplash