Structured paths of content

One of the things Coventry University’s Learn site inspired was us rethinking our documentation for all the schools we work with. The ways in which Coventry.Domains Learn faces outwards towards a broader community, and foregrounds web literacy as its raison d’etre helped us re-imagine how our support documentation was solving specific pain points, such as how to login to WordPress, how to use an addon domain, etc., but was not coming at the experience holistically as a pedagogical endeavor first and foremost. Part of this was a result of getting the trains to run on-time as Reclaim’s tiny team was in the position of supporting thousands of faculty, students and staff, a reality we are just recently coming up for air from. 

But the beauty of this is that the role of educational technologist, instructional designer, or whatever other not entirely adequate title tries to encapsulate what it is we do…is foregrounded through the design of a thoughtful, curated learning experience that helps provide a structured path of understanding how creating a domain and working through the conceptual foundations how how the web work becomes a literacy that can transcend the class or faculty specific limits of learning environments and merge them back onto the richest, most diverse, and beautifully complex educational network known to humanity: the web 

Coventry has been awesome enough to openly license all their work, and Reclaim wants to integrate the learning pathways defined in Learn into other schools Domains projects as seamlessly as possible.