A living open resource

The breadth of guides made available through the Learn resource aims to meet the needs and curiosity of a large diverse community of students and staff at Coventry University, as well as the public.

Coventry.Domains currently has 30 undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as research students, academics and department teams making use of the service. Therefore the guides need to talk to an audience who may have very limited Web literacy, have differing entry points to discovering the service, and who will have very different ideas about what they want to get out of their Web hosting.

The resource provides three paths of content – Think, Build, Grow – as a way to scaffold the content into a curriculum that the audience can follow at their own pace. At the top of the landing page there is a large text prompt that asks ‘What are you looking for?’ which sets the expectation that you as an individual can search out and decide how you want to make use of your space – rather than the resource being part of a customer service package or a linear online course.

The guides explain terminology within context, provide visual aids where appropriate, and aim to provide a meta example of how to write, publish and structure content on the Web.

The resource also aims to shift the burden of onboarding and Web literacy development from teaching staff and learning technologists through a shared open resource which can be remixed and repurposed within the VLE and elsewhere.

Image: Photo by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash