Coventry.Domains WordPress vs Domains of One's Own

With Coventry.Domains, you have two ways of getting online. We understand this can be a bit confusing, so this page lays out the key differences between setting up a Coventry.Domains WordPress account (our standard option) or a Domains of One's Own account.


Coventry.Domains WordPress is an easy-to-use service for creating blogs, portfolios and simple websites. With themes, plugins, privacy policies and cookies managed for you, it's the simplest way to get online.
Create blogs, portfolios and simple websites
Build sites using WordPress
Instant access
Fully managed themes
Fully managed plugins
Create multiple websites
Privacy and cookie notices included
Start today

Domains of One's Own

Domains of One's Own is blank web hosting space where you manage your content management system, themes and plugins. It's open to staff as well as students participating in eligible modules.
Create simple or complex websites
Use WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki and more
Access by request
Install your own themes
Install your own plugins
cPanel hosting dashboard
Connect to your custom domain
(domain registration not included)
Request access