Engage and empower your students to build a professional presence online

Coventry.Domains allows educators to assign digital, web-based work for their students including blog posts, portfolio pieces and peer feedback.

It’s also a great tool for students to develop key digital skills for their careers.

Better engagement

Students feel more engaged when writing for their peers or for a potential audience on the web.

Information Literacy

Research shows that students writing articles for the web or for Wikipeida are better able to determine the validity of sources of information online.

Digital Citizenship

Web publishing helps students to become more aware of their online presence, evaluate materials they find online and feel more confident in collaborating with others online.

Open Knowledge

Web publishing allows students to contribute to a growing body of Open Education Resources. It’s also possible for students to publish in a closed community for those who are uncomfortable sharing their work publicly.
Developing Students

Set online assignments and open up global horizons for your students

Research suggests that students are more engaged, diligent, and information-literate when writing for the web vs writing for their educator. By adapting your assignments to blogging and portfolio work, you can encourage students to develop a professional preence online as well as become better digital citizens.

A Domain of One’s Own

Coventry.Domains began as a Domain’s of Own (DoOO) project.

Starting at the University of Mary Washington, the DoOO initiative is aimed at giving individuals control of their online presence and improving their digital citizenship. With the help of our partners at Reclaim Hosting, similar programmes are being run at universities around the world.
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“The Coventry.Domains initiative has made a tremendous contribution to our English Degrees by helping students to develop some really important digital literacy skills.”

Benet Vincent

Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics

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