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Learning Paths

Building your first website with Coventry.Domains? Follow the learning paths below for guidance on how to design, build and grow your own online spaces. Choose a path below to get started building your online presence!

Privacy and Consent

Get in the know about data privacy and cookie consent! As a domain owner you need to let the users of your website(s) know about any data collection taking place and seek their explicit consent. Find out more information at the link below.

Support Resources

Find video walkthroughs, reading materials and other useful information at the links below.

Documentation Directory

Below is the documentation for Coventry.Domains, where you can find detailed information on different technical aspects of managing your account and online space. Click a topic to be taken to that section, or select the “Coventry.Domains Guide” button to start from the top of the documentation.

Have a question?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and About pages to see if you can find the information you are looking for. If you have further technical support needs regarding your account or other queries you can contact your course tutor and they will contact the coventry.domains team on your behalf.

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