WordPress Templates

Your Online Calling Card

Here two configurable versions of HTML5up WordPress Themes, adapted by Alan Levine aka @cogdog. They will help you to easily create a simple and elegant online calling card as the homepage for your domain:

– WP Big Picture

– WP Dimension

Pre-populated Themes

In case you haven’t had the chance to find a theme you like yet or just want to get your head around WordPress, we have pre-populated a few templates you may use as a starting point (there is alway time to switch to something else). The first step will be for you to install WordPress into your Coventry.Domains account. After doing so you can follow these steps:

1) Check out the pre-populated themes and select the one that suits you best:

2) Download the pre-populated theme of your choice below:

3) Expand the zip to see a file ending in .wpress

4) Install a Plugin into your Coventry.Domains WordPress. Log in to your site’s admin area. In your new site’s Dashboard, go to Plugins and search for, install, and activate the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

5) Import the Package. Once the plugin is installed, look for it listed in the left side of your WordPress dashboard- select the option below it for Import. Drag and drop the .wpress file you dowloaded above onto the importer. Wait for it to simmer/upload. You will be asked to confirm overwriting an existing site. Agree.

After importing the pre-populated theme of your choice you will be able to simply substitute the sample text and images with your own.


You may find here instructions on how to install a few themes specifically customised by Alan Levine to become tools for teaching and learning in the open web:



You can find here further information on how to use the content management system WordPress: