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Choosing Your Subdomain Name

Your subdomain name will form the first part of the web address that your Coventry.Domains websites will be found at. What you want your subdomain name to be is entirely up to you!

How do you want to be known publicly on the web?

When choosing a subdomain name for your Coventry.Domains account you will need to think about how you want to be known publicly online. If you are not sure right now how you want to be known, give yourself time to think about it before selecting a name. When you have decided on a name log back into your Coventry.Domains and choose your subdomain name.

If you want the work you create through Coventry.Domains to be associated to your personal name you may wish to choose your full name or part of your name as your subdomain name.

You can also choose to use a pseudonym or something that does not reveal your real name. This may be a nickname that you already use online if you want to use your Coventry.Domains account to build new work under this same nickname. Or you may want to choose something that does not reveal your identity and pick a nickname that you have not used before but fits your work or interests.

Formatting your subdomain name

It’s best to type your subdomain name as all one word without hyphens (e.g. rather than Your subdomain name is not case sensitive, and cannot contain spaces or special characters (e.g. !@#/).

The shorter the subdomain name the easier it is to type for those visiting your websites, so don’t try to add too many names or words in your subdomain name.

Be aware of unfortunate naming accidents! Some names can be misread when written without spaces, for example:

  • Ohio cabin retreat –
  • UK children’s outfit specialists –
  • Belgrade’s very beautiful live music venue –

If you are not sure about your choice of subdomain name choice, double check with a friend or family member whether your subdomain name reads okay.

Once you have chosen your subdomain name you will be given access to your cPanel dashboard so you can get started making use of your new web space!