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Get up to speed with the philosophy behind Domain of One’s Own.

Want to know more about the philosophy behind Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) and how it can be embedded into the teaching and learning? Below you can see a list of articles to get you up to speed.

Below you can find videos and podcasts on Domain of One’s Own and Coventry.Domains:

Linda Martin, from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, talks about embedding Coventry.Domains into curriculum:

Thamu Dube, from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, talks about  embedding Coventry.Domains into curriculum:

Jim Groom on A Domain of One’s Own:

UMW staff on the impact of ‘A Domain of One’s Own’ on teaching and learning:

Jim Groom Discusses ‘A Domain of One’s Own’, DML2014:

Audrey Watters speaking about the main principles of A Domain of One’s Own:

Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel discuss Critical Instructional Design and Domain of One’s Own, Disruptive Media Learning Lab, October 2017:

For discussion of Domain of One’s Own in relation to Critical Instructional Design, skip to 03:12.

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