Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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To register an account with, simply visit the main site, and click “Login” at the top-right of the screen, you will then be prompted to enter a password to view the Terms and Conditions, which you can get from our team at, or if you are a student, you can ask a member of teaching staff for this.

To log in to your account, you must first visit and click “Login” on the top-right. After this, use your university login details to proceed, making sure you use your entire email address not just username. Logging into a site application (such as WordPress, MediaWiki or Omeka) directly requires you to use your application login, which will automatically be input if you sign in using the method above.

If this doesn’t work, try refreshing your browser cache, for information on how to do this, please visit this site.

This is when you have logged into your Coventry University account, but your cPanel dashboard is a white screen. Sometimes your browser can store an outdated version of a website that would show that something is wrong with the site. In order to fix this you may need to refresh your browser cache. In order to do so, you can follow this tutorial: If this does not work then contact your course tutor.

You won’t need to change any passwords on your account or applications on your domain, because they’ll automatically be saved by your single sign-on with your coventry university login.

You have access to the account as long as you have access to your university account, which is normally active until graduation if you are a student, or until you are no longer employed by the university if you are a staff member. You can choose to export your website to keep all your content if you have to leave, which you can find information on here.

There is essentially no limit on what you are allowed to do on your site, as long as it is legal and not commercial. Full terms and conditions which lay out the limitations to site use can be found here, although you will need the password from the team at, by asking teaching staff on a module where domains is being used.

You can call your domain whatever you would like to, just bear in mind you can’t use special characters like


You can use something like your name, your project name, a pseudonym or anything else you’d like; just remember you can’t change it so make sure you’re certain!

It may be the case that your Firewall or ISP is blocking the site, in which case you should access your firewall settings or your ISP blocked sites and add sites as exceptions/trusted sites. If that is not possible or does not fix the issue, you can try the University’s VPN (Virtual Private Network). This should bypass certain filters and allow you to access your site.

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Check out the Documentation and About pages to see if you can find the information you are looking for. If you have further technical support needs regarding your account or other queries you can contact your course tutor and they will contact the team on your behalf.

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